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By choosing to start his long novel David Copperfield with the correlative conjunction 'whetheror,' Charles Dickens signals the readers that perhaps they should search for more than one hero in the story. Guns appear on the table one at a time and you swipe across the bottom of the table to view the next weapon.

Beiersdorfer asked if he should stop pursuing a fracking ban within the city of Youngstown, Ruffalo said he would win next time.

Previously, we have shown starbursts to be detectable in over 90 of post-LASIK patients with the "Larson Glarometer" (Snyder, presented at annual meeting ARVO 2002).

Wavefront guided LASIK is thought to reduce night vision symptoms of starbursts, glare, and halos.

For the most part, this is true. Things take a turn the same evening, when Scrooge's deceased partner, Jacob Marley's ghost pays him a visit. Just cross the river and avoid the rocks that will push you down to the bottom level.