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But the newest sign of trouble comes from the Wall Street Journal, which just reported that more oil producers are shunning shale drilling and using their scarce dollars to reinvest in older conventional wells. The company announced plans Wednesday to convert a pipeline in its portfolio that carries natural gas from the Permian shale basin to a crude oil pipeline. BNY Mellon (NYSE: BK), a global financial services company as a result of merger of the Bank of New York and Mellon Financial Corporation, is the 9th largest bank by assets in the United States.

Does that make you squirm in your chair as you read this. Anadarko, whose well exploded in mid-April and which this week said it is shutting down 3,000 vertical wells across northeastern Colorado. Instead, ignore his hat twice, then try to steal it from him. Do this and then ask customers if they have ever felt "invisible" when they have done business with you.

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Publisher: Chris B. Jenkins To be successful in your investment strategy, the most important decision you will ever make involves the types of properties you choose to invest in.